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NOW available in Thailand:  Western-style property inspections 
Now, more than ever, real estate investors, building owners, condo buyers, and home buyers in Bangkok, Hua Hin, and Pattaya Thailand are seeking an independent building inspection, home inspection, condo inspection or other property inspection prior to entering transactions. The InfraredGuard's property inspection services are a way to quickly undertake thorough, yet non-invasive building inspections, condo inspections, home inspections, or the inspection of a property's major systems prior to making a major purchase.
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Inspection News & Sightings

Sighting: 2013-08-31 Expat in Thailand Shocked by Foam-filled Condominium Wall*

A foreign expat alleged that the walls inside his condo room were filled with foam instead of cement. ...
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* Source: Khaoso English website

InfraredGuard Observation:  Add this item to the list of unseemly issues that buyers of condos and villas in Thailand all too often discover only after they "move in". Reversed polarity of electrical outlets, ungrounded outlets, water leaks (as in this case) and air intrusion are routinely found in properties at ALL levels of the price spectrum and without regard to developer reputation. The non-destructive infrared technology we use let's us "see" what the human eye cannot, and can save a property owner significant headache and expense in locating the source of these issues. Call us today to schedule your property inspection, stop guessing, start knowing!      

Thermal Imaging Services...

Commercial  |  Industrial  |  Residential  |  Veterinary

InfraredGuard uses the latest IR camera technology from FLIR Systems as a noninvasive means to inspect, monitor and support the diagnosis of physical conditions related to temperature aberrations, or abnormal temperature conditions, whether the subject is property, equipment, or animals. Whether you need to have a home, hotel or factory facility inspected in (Asia), or your needs involve large scale aerial scans of roofs to find subsurface moisture zones, high voltage power transmission lines or, even an entire city to determine unauthorized use of municipal utility assets and services (United States), we can help you.

From Horses to Elephants, we are at the forefront of the rapidly developing area of veterinary thermal imaging, employing the same technology used to "see" temperature changes in inanimate objects, to identify temperature-related issues that may affect the health of horse, dogs, or elephants. Bad-fitting saddles, circulatory issues and infection, are easily detected with thermal imaging unlike more expensive, or less capable tools such as X-ray and MRI. 

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